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Principal Business Analyst

Banking Circle / Fuldtid

Banking Circle is a next-generation provider of mission-critical financial services infrastructure leading the rise of a super-correspondent banking network. Banking Circle is a fully licensed bank able to deliver financial infrastructure at low cost, compliantly and securely. Banks and Payments businesses can now access real-time payments allowing them to seize market opportunities without having to commit to significant investment in their own internal infrastructure.

Banking Circle is empowering financial institutions to support their customers’ international trading ambitions, without the need for multiple banking relationships, whilst reducing risk and the operational cost of transactions. Businesses that were previously financially excluded are now able to participate in the digital economy in a way which was not previously possible.

Banking Circle is characterised by a healthy mix of experienced people and development opportunities led by the newest technologies. Further, you will become a part of a greatly diverse department and team in terms of competencies and backgrounds.

Currently, Banking Circle consists of more than 400 people with 41 different nationalities spanning across their offices in Luxembourg, Denmark, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.


You will be part of our Business Solutions team located in Copenhagen. The team consists of 8 skilled employees which include Product Owners, UX’es, and Business Analysts, but as the team is cross-functional, they are collaborating with many different teams.

One of the main responsibilities of this role is to ensure the interplay between AML and Product Development/Payment solutions and enhance the collaboration between the two. As Banking Circe is a scale-up organization many new products are launched regularly, and the AML department needs to make sure that they can screen the products and ensure that they are compliant. Therefore, this role will especially have close collaboration with the product teams, who are building payment solutions, The Business tool team, and the AML department.

The product teams are all based in Copenhagen, and you will both be working with Product Owners as well as Developers and Architects. The AML team is based in both London and Copenhagen and is highly skilled in the AML area. Furthermore, the Business tool team, who builds the interface for the screening is based in Copenhagen and consists of both Business Analysts, UX’es, Product Owners, and Developers.

Banking Circle’s work culture is characterized by an informal, international, and diverse environment. The organizational structure is highly flexible and embraces change, which means there is ample space for new ideas, a proactive approach to work, and thinking outside the box.

About the position as a Principal Business Analyst

Banking Circle is building a next-generation bank that delivers global financial payment infrastructure that is simple, fast, and low cost, with world-class levels of security and compliance.

To deliver on these ambitions, they are building proprietary payments and AML solutions that enable the organization to process millions of payments with high speed, efficiency, and compliance.

The interplay between the payment solutions and AML solutions is key, and therefore Banking Circle needs a highly skilled and experienced senior/principal business analyst, who will play a key role in linking our Payment Solutions teams and AML solutions teams.

You will work closely with both the Payment Solutions teams and the AML solutions teams to ensure an aligned understanding of how to map/integrate payment flows to the AML solutions and to ensure that the AML solutions are ready to support the constant development of Banking Circles’ payment capabilities.

In addition to this, you will lead an initiative of decommissioning the current vendor platform SWIFT Sanctions Screening by ensuring that all flows can be moved to Banking Circle’s own built AML solutions. This will be a small project, which is expected to finish in the first half of 2023.

The responsibilities in the role

  • Strengthen the link between Payment Solutions teams and AML solutions teams
  • Develop a deep understanding of and strong relation to our Payment and AML solutions teams as well as our operational AML department
  • Support Payment Solutions teams to ensure payments flows are setup for proper screening by AML solutions
  • Ensure AML solutions teams have sufficient knowledge about, and are ready to support, the constant development to our payment capabilities
  • Coordinate with relevant teams to ensure proper end-to-end testing of payments flows across payments and AML solutions
  • Lead the decommission of SWIFT Sanctions Screening by ensuring that all flows can be handled by own solution
  • Be part of assessing impact of new products (including Crypto) on AML screening
  • Take part of product approvals together with our Business AML team ensure that the AML is sufficiently covered on new products

The requirements for the role

It is imperative that you have:

  • +5 years of experience within the business analyst area or in a similar role most likely in the business development area
  • The ability to oversee complexity and building a bridge between technology and business
  • A strong technical understanding and ability to be part of technical discussions
  • A structured and analytical mindset and experience with AML and payments
  • The ability to communicate clearly at both management and development levels
  • Power to take leadership and responsibility in your work, deliveries, and the change processes you participate in






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