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Segment: IT
Industry:  Teknologi
City: Hvidovre
State/Province: Region Hovedstaden
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Slået op: 14.07.2022

Head of Security

Full time / Capax Recruitment / Danmark

In the role Head of Security, you can look forward to combining your strategic knowledge of the IT area with your desire to work hands-on with what you are passionate about and want to execute.

In addition, you can look forward to working in an international environment and continuously be in dialogue with NTG’s European partner companies about their respective IT security.

You will work broadly with IT security, with which you will generally identify vulnerabilities in various IT systems and from there ensure an appropriate level of security. You will be the lead on IT security projects and set the direction for how NTG works with IT security and ensure a high level of security solutions.

NTG has been collaborating with Deloitte on an ambitious CIS18 project, and based on this project, you must carry out risk assessments of existing and new systems, networks, projects, etc. and follow up on any identified risks or IT security breaches.

The role is a key function in NTG, as the company is currently on an exciting journey in IT security. The company has a strong focus on security and wants to house a team of security specialists in the future, who must jointly ensure structure and a sustainable, high level of security across NTG, including in all partner companies.

You thus become part of – and will greatly influence – this development. The company generally has a flat hierarchy, and there is a high degree of freedom in this position, and there is an opportunity to implement your own, good initiative.

As a person, you are independent and enterprising, just as you work in a structured way and thrive on having many balls in the air at once. You also have good communication skills and can put both your competencies and knowledge into play at a strategic as well as operational level.

As Head of Security, your primary responsibilities will be:

  • Ensure a high level of security in the NTG group and as a facilitator have an overview of the company’s security infrastructure.
  • Based on the framework tool CIS18, prepare risk assessments of existing and new systems, networks, projects, etc. and follow up on any identified risks as well as deal with IT security breaches.
  • Design and further develop NTG’s IT security architecture across networks, data governances, servers, devices, processes, etc.
  • Perform security scans and perform IT security tests.
  • Develop security strategies and policies, including compliance management.
  • ssist IT Services with implementation, configuration and troubleshooting of various projects.
  • Advise the CIO Office on security needs and actions as well as on the latest technologies and trends.