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CargoWise Specialist

NTG/ Fuldtid

About the Company:

NTG – Nordic Transport Group is a leading Danish logistics company specializing in the transportation of goods within and outside of Europe via road, air, and sea. Established in 2011, NTG has grown rapidly and now comprises 80 acquired companies, each with unique expertise in various logistics sectors. Notably, NTG is listed on NASDAQ, with a significant portion of shares owned by employees through a partnership model, fostering engagement, dedication, and well-being. The IT organization at NTG operates globally, supporting all 80 companies.

About the Department:

The IT organization at NTG is a Global IT team spanning 9 countries, providing support to all NTG companies. The CargoWise team, located in Hvidovre, is part of this dynamic and global IT environment. NTG fosters an informal and relaxed culture, emphasizing both social and professional events. The organization is home to passionate, energetic, and highly skilled employees who thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment.

About the Position: CargoWise Specialist

As a CargoWise Specialist at NTG, you will play a crucial role in the success of NTG’s global logistics operations. Your primary responsibilities will include leading CargoWise Implementation Projects in various countries, addressing critical aspects such as GAP analysis and setup. You will serve as the first line of support for CargoWise users, ensuring seamless functionality and troubleshooting issues to maintain optimal system performance.

In addition, you will actively engage in user maintenance within the application, promote and implement best practices, and conduct training sessions for users across Europe, Asia, and the US. Collaborating closely with the Business Service team, you will study business logic to optimize workflows in logistics operations. Your analytical skills will be essential in setting up and meticulously following processes agreed upon in CargoWise, contributing to the continuous improvement of the logistics infrastructure.


  • Drive CargoWise Implementation Projects in each country (GAP / Setup, etc.).
  • Provide 1st line support to NTG’s CargoWise users.
  • Perform user maintenance in the application.
  • Implement best practices.
  • Conduct training sessions for users across Europe, Asia, and the US.
  • Study business logic in cooperation with the Business team to optimize workflow.
  • Set up and follow up on already agreed processes in CargoWise.

Joining NTG at this exciting juncture offers substantial career possibilities, aligning with the company’s rapid growth trajectory. As NTG expands, your role as a CargoWise Specialist will scale accordingly, providing ample opportunities for professional development.

This recruitment is assisted by Capax Recruitment. If you would like to learn more about the position, please feel free to reach out to Christian Kjøller Nyrup at










Segment: Logistik
By:  Hvidovre
Region: Hovedstaden